IcerBox Premium – Best Cloud Storage

Icerbox Premium - Best Cloud Storage
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What is IcerBox?

IcerBox is a cloud-based storage* service provider that allows a user to completely save all his files and data in one place, accessible anytime and anywhere. Cloud-based file hosting is just simply having an internet that is take care of other professional individuals to make sure it is safe and accessible anytime and anywhere. IcerBox can be used for free or if you want larger storage capacity for your online storage needs, IcerBox Premium Account is the perfect fit for you. With IcerBox Premium, you do not have to worry if you forgot your flash drive or portfolios. IcerBox enables users to freely upload their important files, whether it is for school or work or just for personal storage of anyone’s’ valuable files, as long as users do not infringe the platform’s terms of service or an actual law itself. You are always just one click away from having your documents and can easily share it with others without worrying too much about security issues.

Cloud Storage is an online server where people can save and sync their files. Rather than saving your files in a local drive and flash drives, saving your files in a cloud storage is much better. Saving it in a cloud based storage means that you can access your files anytime and anywhere. This also means that you can access your file using different computers at the same time and you do not need to worry since changes made will also be seen by the others. Those updated documents are synchronizing.
Mainly, cloud storage can support any file from text documents, pictures, videos and audio files. IcerBox Premium supports the same as well.
Tired of bulky and confusing documents? It is time to level up your game!

What is IcerBox Premium for?

IcerBox Premium is for you. IcerBox Premium exists to make your life easy when it comes to taking care of your important files. IcerBox Premium Account enables you to access all the features of their services and has to offer.

✔️File Management

When it comes to managing your files easily, IcerBox Premium Account is the best for you. With a user-friendly interface and folders that can be customised easily, you can have your way in managing your files the way you wanted.

✔️Back-up Storage

Sure, there are no problems using hard drives and flash drives to have your files secure. But what is more secure than having an extra copy of your growing files? IcerBox Premium Account is the answer to that. Always think of something more advanced and do not let your hesitation now make you regret it later.


Since IcerBox Premium is a cloud storage, files are also synchronized. Synchronization is best for a group of people who are working with the same files. So whatever the changes of one person may have done, it will be reflected to others as well.

✔️Secured files

The team under IcerBox has implemented lots of security and safety measures to ensure every process are safe for every files and documents.

✔️File Sharing

IcerBox has been able to offer the best file sharing options for everyone. Even these features are safe that is why it is very recommendable for business owners and professionals.

✔️Personal Storage

It is great to have your own personal and secured storage, right? IcerBox Premium Accounts lets  you choose what bundle is the best for your storage needs. You can easily upgrade as well if you needed more space. IcerBox Premium is one of the cloud storage to offer higher and huge online storages. So what are you waiting for? Register now and experience the premium services.

Just think about of IcerBox Premium account that has vast features that will convenience you in the long run. 

IcerBox Premium Account

IcerBox Premium account delivers to you their constant motto of “Easy and safe, anywhere you go!” That is what they are delivering to you. For your ease of access, IcerBox lets you choose a more personalized and timely IcerBox Premium Account. There are three levels of IcerBox Account Premium, the basic, the medium and the big account.

  1. The basic account lets you have a 500 Gigabyte of storage with a total of 1 Gigabyte per process of downloading. You can see that even the basic IcerBox Premium Account will provide more storage for you. But if you are already a huge company you can directly choose the IcerBox Big account.
  1. The medium account will undeniably provide more storage than the basic account. They are offering 450 Gigabyte with a 2 terabyte of bandwidth to ensure a great experience.
  1. The big account, as they say, can offer 1 Terabytes of online storage. For every download, customers are allowed for a 4 Bandwidth and that is just a Premium account.
$17 Monthly$40 Quarterly$70 Biannual
500 GB Storage750 GB Storage1 TB Storage
1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth4 TB Bandwidth
Maximum SpeedMaximum SpeedMaximum Speed
No advertisementsNo advertisementsNo advertisements

IcerBox Premium Limitation

According to the Administration of IcerBox, Premium users can download files and data from up to 50 Gigabytes per day. This is the existing download limit given to IcerBox Premium Accounts but they cannot say it is final. As they continue to do better and provide the finest features to their valued customers, the download limit may change as per the decision of their Administration.

50 Gigabytes per day is a large one but for the team’s passion for providing the best services, it may change in the future. Who knows?

Free IcerBox Account

Yes! There is a free account of the IcerBox. You can register for free, from there, you can try how their file hosting can change your daily lives. IcerBox free download is available as well for you.  IcerBox Free Account will let you have a 1 Gigabyte of free space and you can start your journey with IcerBox now. You should try it, after all it is free.

Free Icerbox Account
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Do I have to install IcerBox?

No need! Since IcerBox is cloud-based storage, it means that it uses its own software and programs that you can access just by using any browsers. Very easy, right? They made IcerBox solely for your convenience. You do not have to stress out about a lot of technicalities! Just register for an IcerBox Premium account, provide an email and some information, then voila – you have your own technologically advanced storage that you can access anywhere in the world.

Any browser is the key to accessing your files without any hassles!
Is Icerbox Safe to use?

Is IcerBox Safe to use?

IcerBox is a legit file hosting provider and it is genuinely safe for everybody. So, yes, it is safe to use. IcerBox Premium will ensure the downloading and uploading process of files secured, end-to-end security. The IcerBox Management does not support infringement or any form or abuse so whenever you see one, you may contact them right away and that is also the same for others.

IcerBox do not tolerate someone who repeatedly does things that are against their community standards and terms of service. That is why they can terminate a user like that for everyone’s safety.

Just follow the community standards and report things that are suspicious to [email protected]. Remember, you are backed up by professional and highly skilled team that will ensure your safety.

IcerBox has a user-friendly interface

IcerBox made their platform very easy to navigate. They know a complicated view does not fancy anyone who is very busy. They created its dashboard for the convenience of an individual who has so much pile of files and documents. They do not want you to be confused or get lost with thousands of your file. IcerBox is designed to perfectly manage clearly your file and be accessible anywhere in the world.

No worries if you are not that tech-savvy. IcerBox is designed for everyone, taking into consideration those who are not much into technologies as well.

IcerBox Premium Account users feedback

C. M.Premium user for several years
I’ve been using the IcerBox Premium for file hosting needs for a long time ago. IcerBox never let me down and it is just so amazing. I’ve seen so many outstanding updates and I just really feel that all customers are taken into consideration, most importantly. I just wanted to thank those guys behind this, you saved so many important moments for me as a professor.
I’ll be honest, I am hesitant the first time I heard about IcerBox from a colleague. And due to his persistent recommendation, I tried IcerBox account for free. But to my surprise, what my friend told me is real. It is so easy to use, I thought I need to do so many technicalities. Been a premium user for a year now, I upgraded after a month of using the platform for free. It is worth it.
Vic D.Customer Service to the highest level
Yes, I get it. Nothing in this world is perfectly made, there will always be a time where something gets so wrong. It happened to me, after several months of using IcerBox Premium, I noticed that the download speed is slow and I know it should not be going like that for a premium user. So I decided to contact the IcerBox’ support team and explained them everything and told them I want my download speed to be back to its original pace.
After few minutes of doing some technical steps with me for both ends, my download speed went back smooth and slick. Their respect in communication is noticeable so I was a bit shocked, I did not know they can assist me like that. Kudos to the team!
Rey L.Amazing synchronization, best for workers.
An IcerBox Premium Account could be the most important storage, sharing and cooperation tool for the whole company. It’s a high degree of firmness, availability, and easy usage. The capacity to handle permissions and access helps make it stable. Having the ability to possess tools to collaborate and work anywhere on some other devices is vital.
M. JonesFREE but still outstanding
I utilize IcerBox Premium to arrange and send files to customers, in addition to keeping tabs on projects and doc files. IcerBox Premium does a fantastic job of creating and organization folder arrangements. It’s simple for me to replicate documents also, especially once I’ve templates that are uninstalled. IcerBox Premium has a lot of distance for me personally, if I had to, then I could readily upgrade for longer distance.
Fin S.Simple and User-Friendly
IcerBox Premium is quite user friendly. You only click and visit each folder to pull on files up. IcerBox Premium has a lot of diverse possibilities for storage size choices. Someone may select a more compact package or even a huge firm could select larger bundles. There’s also a free version that’s very good for saving images via different devices. IcerBox t comes with a search feature that conserves a great deal of time. If you’re not certain at which the document you will need would be, utilize the search functionality to quickly think it is. IcerBox Premium is cloud established therefore there are no bulky servers taking space up!

Summary: Do not Miss

IcerBox Premium Accounts is designed to smoothly store and manage every single file. It is designed for everybody, especially for those who are always on the run but does not have to do with carrying all their folders and papers. IcerBox  Premium Account is made for those who wanted to have a huge personal online storage to keep anything they wanted, from important images, projects, files and documents. The platform is for someone who wants a secured storage where their files cannot be compromised. That is the purpose of IcerBox Premium Account.

Overall, we can say that using IcerBox Premium can provide competitive yet affordable file hosting services. With the huge storage in IcerBox Premium available, you will surely get what you pay for. With a simple and sleek interface of IcerBox dashboard, people can get to know IcerBox Premium easily without having much effort to put on. Together with the support of the IcerBox team, users get to be assisted by highly educated and experienced team to make sure everyone gets what they deserve from IcerBox Premium account. Their team is passionate and dedicated, willing to go for an extra mile to serve you better. They wanted to promote a more secure way of sharing your files and storing your valuable files. Users can be assured that when they purchase a premium account, they will experience a premier services.

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